Christian Brutal Sniper
Christian Brutal Sniper
Christian Brutal Sniper's apparance in VSH.
Name Christian Brutal Sniper
Health 1046
Class Sniper
Rage Ability All RED players are "spooked"
Origin YouTube
Christian Brutal Sniper is a violence-craving RED Sniper, who is very proficient with his knife in combat. Mostly though, he just kills everyone that passes him, for no reason. He wields many knives (a Kukri, a Tribalman's Shiv, and a Bushwacka) and a Huntsman. The only exception on who he kills is a RED Spy, appearing in his adventures only to get blood on his suit. It is unknown Christian Brutal Sniper is christian. His theme song is "The Millionaire's Holiday" by Combustible Edison.

Appearance Edit

Christian Brutal Sniper looks similar to the RED Sniper, albeit with a black jacket, shirt, and pants with several red radioactive symbols on it. Instead of the bullets in his jacket pocket, he has radioactive darts. His beard is darker and he sports black gloves along with his coat, along with wearing a watch with a red face.

Abilities Edit

Christian Brutal Sniper, in Vs. Saxton Hale and Freak Fortress 2, has the following abilities at hand during gameplay:

  • Super Jump: Thrusts the player high into the air.
  • Anchor: No knockback taken while walking or crouching.

Rage Ability Edit

When Christian Brutal Sniper's rage meter is full, he can:

  • Spook: "Spooks" players nearby, rendering them vulnerable to all attacks.
  • Huntsman: Christian Brutal Sniper gains a Huntsman with 9 arrows, only replenishable via rage.