Saxton Hale
Saxton Hale
Saxton's appearance in VSH.
Name Saxton Hale
Health 1046
Class Soldier (Modified)
Rage Ability All RED players are "spooked"
Origin Team Fortress 2 (Canon)

Saxton Hale is the former CEO and President (before Gray Mann's takeover) of Mann Co. Industries. He is shown to be daring and likes to take risks, such as jumping from a helicopter, tangling with snakes, or beating up hippies. He also likes to tend to problems personally, such as killing the fourth richest man in the world in a harpoon duel, and his customer policy saying to see him personally if his customer isn't 100% satisfied.

Appearance Edit

Saxton Hale is shown as an incredibly muscular man wearing a brown hat lined with crocodile teeth, a watch, shorts with a belt reading "SAXTON HALE!", and brown boots. He also has Australia-shaped chest hair, and a mustache.

Ability Edit

Saxton Hale, in Vs. Saxton Hale and Freak Fortress 2 has the following abilities at hand during gameplay:

  • Super Jump: Thrusts the player high into the air.
  • Anchor: No knockback taken while walking or crouching.

Rage Ability Edit

When Saxton Hale's rage meter is full, he can:

  • Spook: "Spooks" players nearby, rendering them vulnerable to all attacks.