The Vagineer's appearance in VSH.
Name Vagineer
Health 1046
Class Engineer
Rage Ability Ubercharged, "spooks" BLU
Origin Youtube
The Vagineer is a deformed BLU (sometimes red) engineer. He mostly speaks gibberish when he talks, which is actually the Engineer's lines reversed, making it sound corrupted and/or disfigured. His head is unusually large, nearly his torso's size. He has a sidekick, Snyphurr, not seen in-game. He uses his wrench to pound anyone in his way.

Appearance Edit

The Vagineer appears nearly like the normal Engineer, with his construction hat, rubber glove, T-shirt and overalls, his kneepads, and his construction boots. Aside from that, he has an extremely disfigured face, with the mouth shape being the one achieveable by randomizing the Garry's Mod face-poser. His head is also much bigger. He can spawn either RED or BLU.

Abilities Edit

The Vagineer, in Vs. Saxton Hale and Freak Fortress 2 has the following abilities at hand during gameplay:

  • Super Jump: Thrusts the player high into the air.
  • Anchor: No knockback taken while walking or crouching.

Rage Ability Edit

When the Vagineer's rage meter is full, he can:

  • Übercharge: Übercharges the boss, making him immune to damage.
  • Spook: "Spooks" players nearby, rendering them vulnerable to all attacks.

Gallery Edit