Vs. Saxton Hale Mode is an unofficial "juggernaut" mod for a Team Fortress 2 Server. The mod is well-known and widespread, such that it was given a new, refined version; Freak Fortress 2. The mod was created by the user, Dr. Eggman, later updated by FlaminSarge, and finally by Chdata.

Gameplay Edit

In this mode, you must team up with eachother to fight one player playing as an extremely overpowered Saxton Hale (or other bosses). However, these bosses can only attack you with their melee weapons. Beware, however, they might be deadly. Some bosses, in addition to their abilities (like super jumping) have special abilities, like HHH Jr.'s teleportation. Hale wins by eliminating (killing) all the opposing players, while the players win if they defeat Hale, capture the control point, or if time runs out and Hale explodes.

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